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Automatic Water Level Controller, Day Night Switches / RTC Switches,Automation Control Panels, Float Switches, Level Sensors,P - Based Design


  • 1 Starts or Stop Motor / Pump Automatically as Per    Water Level in Overhead / Underground Tank.
  • 1 Avoids Overflow or Dry run of Motor.     
  • 1 Suitable For Any Type of Existing Motor and    Hight of Building.     
  • 1 Models Available for All Types of Liquids Like    Diesel, Oil, Chemicals etc.
  • 1 Excellent Design and Service Backup.

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This equipment Starts & Stops the motor - pump automatically as per the...
Conductive Type Wired Sensors, Conductive Rod Type Sensors,PVC Float..
RTC Based Day Night Switches, Light Sensing Type.Features-On time, off time passage light settable,Weekly planning.